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Spray Tan Kansas City | Kansas City Fitness Magazine Skin Health


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Are you one of those people – like myself – who respond best when you see immediate changes in your appearance? When it comes to getting in shape and actually transforming our physiques for lasting results, patience and dedication is our biggest virtue. Unfortunately, for some people this becomes one of the main excuses for not starting, or giving up on the idea of trying to lose weight or get into better shape. Studies show that there is a large mental component to weight loss and staying motivated. To those of you who have looked in the mirror and thought “I feel hopeless on where to begin” or “I’ve been killing myself and I can’t see the progress”, you are not alone. While you cannot cheat your way out of physical exercise to get in shape, there is a healthy trick that always makes me feel better about myself and stay on track with exercise and eating right…Elite Body Bronzing, LLC HAS SOLUTIONS!!!

kansas city fitness magazine weightloss challenge…If done correctly, UV-FREE CUSTOM SPRAY TANNING can create the illusion of a thinner, more defined figure, but the most exciting news is that the cosmetic part of the tan appears in seconds. Boom! Instant Gratification! We are all busy, so sometimes it is rewarding to cheat a little! Can’t you remember a time when you spent a day in the sun and felt healthier and sexier that night sporting a glowing tan? Think about it… we always hear the expression: “Black is slimming”, so doesn’t it make sense that darkening your skin a bit may have a similar effect? The best part is that spray tanning is healthier because there is no risk of premature aging or more serious damage from overexposure to the sun. Plus, the Norvell products we use actually do firm and boost the health of your skin by delivering blend of vitamins, caffeine antioxidants! Of course, results all depend on technique, quality, product and preparation so we make sure to keep our clients informed by offering extensive info, resources and customer service. Like us on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/EliteBodyBronzingLLC

FROM THE BEGINNING:  Experts in the Sunless Industry

Elite Body Bronzing, LLC (EBB) started out as one of Kansas City’s premier sunless spray tanning service providers, offering the best in professional, UV-free tanning and dedicated to customer satisfaction. With impeccable service and only the highest quality products, we have always been committed to enhancing every tanning experience for the best results! Our motto remains that while true beauty comes from within – looking your best never hurts!  We cater to our brides and offer great wedding packages PLUS FREE TANNING incentives for hosts of tanning parties! For special situations like these, our mobile units deliver “sunless” right to your front door!

EBB NOW: A Brand Transformed Health. Beauty. Sunless.

Today, Elite Body Bronzing, LLC (EBB) has morphed into a multi-dimensional brand. We are also a sunless resource with opportunities for other entrepreneurs and businesses in the beauty, health, wellness & fitness industry to become EBB Providers!  In addition to offering spray tanning services and retail products, we offer:

  • Turn-key service start-up opportunities by becoming an EBB Provider,
  • Sunless training & consulting
  • Marketing services for companies in our industry!

Our goal is to promote new marketing strategies in conjunction with the sunless industry and to keep our clients and partners involved in the healthy living wave that is sweeping our nation!

Courtney PalsAbout The Owner

My name is Courtney Pals-Siebert, owner of Elite Body Bronzing, LLC (EBB)and I am continuously asked how I went from a sales & marketing role for an International engineering firm to owning a spray tanning company. So… here’s the story:
After a semester in Spain, several prominent internships and a BA from Florida State University, I accepted a graduate scholarship and moved from Miami, FL back to Kansas City to complete the Bloch School MBA program at UMKC. While receiving an excellent education, I had the pleasure of collaborating with several outstanding professionals and entrepreneurs in the local business community. Post-graduation I settled nicely into “Corporate America” which, combined with previous jobs and an MBA, provided excellent hands on experience in sales & marketing, creative strategy, business development, problem solving and analytically decision making across a wide range of industries. Aside from my professional life, I always had a passion for fitness and active life-styles – exercising daily, playing tennis, wake-boarding  snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, romping around with all of the animal rescue groups I volunteer for, and more. You get the idea…I have ants in my pants!

Then in 2008, I received a custom spray tan for my best friend’s wedding and stumbled on a way to integrate my professional background with my hobbies! After a few “bad spray tans” I was skeptical – but this particular one was so amazing that decided I HAD to have my own equipment and solution. I started ordering everything online that I could get my hands on. BIG MISTAKE. After wasting $1,000’s I realized I needed a legitimate business – registered name, tax ID #, etc – to purchase the “good stuff” from a distributor as a salon. I loved spray tanning (with top quality products not available at retail) so much that I literally created a legal LLC – just to accommodate my own spray tanning addiction! I soon realized that there was a science and technique to spray tanning and that I actually needed to practice and research to become an expert. Naturally all of my friends noticed the positive results and wanted in on the action. Then something happened. Well…2 things:

  1. I started really enjoying building a business from scratch and networking with other talented individuals and entrepreneurs in the health & beauty industry; not to mention the chance to utilize so many resources available right here in Kansas City.
  2. PEOPLE LOVED THEIR SPRAY TANS! As the transformations were happening, I could see in their eyes the way it made them feel about themselves. And that made me feel good! OUR CLIENTS ARE AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL inside and out! They are all shapes, sizes, colors and ages and genders, and they inspire me to continue moving forward with the EBB Brand.


For me, Elite Body Bronzing became more than just a cosmetic service or a way to make money. It began facilitating ways to give back. I loved the chance to uplift others and help them feel better about themselves as well as the opportunity to work with some great local and national charities & non-profit organizations. The company has given me flexibility and leverage to be able to donate money, services and time to philanthropic endeavors. Our involvement with local and national charities includes: Harvester’s, Wayside Waifs, The Newhouse Shelter for Battered Women & Children, Midwest Adopt-A-Bull, The Lee’s Summit Athletics Department, Goodwill America and much more!

So…WHO WANTS A SPRAY TAN!?? It may be just what you need to jump-start your path to getting fit and healthy! For those of you who just aren’t convinced until you see some REAL before & after photos & testimonials, visit www.elitebodybronzing.com or check out our reviews on Google! If you are interested in booking a spray tan or a spray tanning party or if you know a company or an individual who is interested in becoming an EBB Provider, please contact Courtney@elitebodybronzing.com.