One of our beautiful and wonderful clients sent us this tragic news. Of course we donated, but we wanted to help her spread the work for support as well.

lincoln“The Story

Imagine holding your 3 week old daughter while making her a bottle, now imagine something goes horribly wrong and you lose your grip on the bottle and the baby and they both fell to the floor. This nightmare happened to some very good friends of mine and baby Lincoln suffered a severe fracture to her femur. Her parents rushed her to Children’s Mercy Hospital where she was transported by the Critical Care Unit to the other Children’s Mercy who was better equipped to handle her care. Lincoln had to stay awhile in the hospital so they could get her pain under control and to come up with a plan of care since you can’t cast a 3 week olds leg. Her mother, Ambre Davenport, who is the primary breadwinner, has to take a full year off work to care for baby Lincoln, her dad, Jeremy Stevens is a Bates County deputy and his check is just not enough to cover all the medical bills, everyday bills, or the gas for all the hospital visits. Ambre also has a sweet 4 yr old son to provide for. I’m asking all of you who can to drop by and make a deposit to help this family with the mounds of bills that never seem to stop. Accidents happen every day, it could happen to you next. Stay tuned for more fundraisers to help this family…”