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Kansas City Retailer of Norvell Skincare Solutions, LLC:  Leaders in the Sunless Revolution

The Sunless scope starts with the world’s top celebrities, including athletes, VIP personnel, friends, family and neighbors.  The sunless revolution has begun and in the past few years it has turned itself into a thriving, billion dollar industry.  Since its introduction to the market in early 1960, sunless products have evolved drastically.  Today, Norvell Skin Solutions, LLC is the front runner in sunless technology and high science.    Norvell creates “just off the beach” color while  transforming the notions of “orange” and “odd”  into “natural” and “hip”.  Norvell tirelessly tests  every aspect of the sunless market, from  technique, skin typing, and preparation and  maintenance.  Norvell University was born out  of necessity to educate the sunless community  in the precise art of sunless tanning, no matter  the application.

When industry insiders hear the name Norvell  the first thought that comes to mind is  groundbreaking sunless tanning innovation.  A  company whose mantra has always been  “Healthy Skin Tans Best!”, Norvell offers a  complete sunless system designed to  prepare  and nourish the skin, so clients not only  experience beautiful tanning results, they also  enjoy gorgeous, youthful, healthy skin.  When asked how Norvell solidified its place in the tanning industry, Owner Rick Norvell said, “As the industry’s leading solution manufacturer we are determined to insure our customers the best in customer service, solutions, technology and accessories.”  “We remain at the top by listening to our customer feedback and consistently remaining innovative in the marketplace.”continued Rick.

Research & Development

The experienced and highly-trained staff at Norvell enables the company to successfully create innovative and sophisticated products for the sunless tanning industry.For more information on our manufacturer, visit www.norvelltanning.com.